Tenant Information

Tenant Screening

1. Credit check if there collection on the credit report, possible ground for rejection to applicant.

2. Verify employment, income and rental history.

3. Check criminal background and current or prior evictions.

4. If information on the application is fault, applicant is ground for rejection.

5. There is an non-refundable application fee of $35 for each applicant.

Tenant's Responsibilities

 Tenants are fully responsible to :

1. Replace all smoke or carbon monoxide alarm batteries.

2. Replace all light bulbs with correct watts and size.

3. Keep the property clean inside and outside in accordance to the county code.

4. Provide Pest Control ( not limited to rodents and roach or insect )

5. Report all repairs and malfunctioning equipment that come with the property.

6. Have their garbage removed weekly.

7. Report any possible leak on ceiling (signs : water stain from dripping from roof or pipe. )

8. Replace A/C or furnace filter if possible, If not please contact JQRH for maintenance.

9. Obtain rental insurance, it is not mandatory to have rental insurance however be advise that the property insurance will not cover personal belongings. JQRH Property Management, LLC and Owner shall not be responsibile for any damages

 Maintenance & Repairs (Non-Emergency)


1. All repairs, maintenance and alteration request must be in writing to JQRH or Landlord.  We will not accept email as request in writing.

2. Allow our technician 3-4 days to initiate any repairs

3. Let JQRH know if you would like to schedule a specific time with our technician.

4. If tenant would like to request for any modification or alteration for their residence. Tenant shall write a letter for approval to management. Tenant must restore property to original condition upon vacating or be liable for damages and deductions from security deposit


Emergencies are life threatening situations such as a fire, flood or uncontrollable water, electrical problem, gas leak... etc.

1. If there is a fire, Call 911 then notify us.

2. If there is a water leak that cannot be turned off at the water meter call your water company then notify us.

3. If there is a gas leak , call the gas company or 911 then notify us.  If there is gas inside the house, turn off the gas at the outside meter, open the door then get out immediately.

4. If there is an electrical problem, turn off the circuit breaker then notify us. If the problem needs immediate attention, call the power company or 911 then notify us.